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Autobiographies written in the third person are just... weird.

I'm a photographer based in Flint, MI. I recently opened my own studio in downtown Flint to fuel the fire for creating images. I have spent the majority of my career working as a photojournalist but have made the transition to portrait, headshot and commercial photography.

I am incredibly grateful to have a client list including The Detroit Free Press, Detroit News, New York Times, Wall Street Journal, LA Times, Chicago Tribune, ESPN, Associated Press, The Intercept, Bosch, Genusee Eyewear, Gargoyles Eyewear and more.


Outside of the photographic world, it's impossible to get coffee that's too good (that's actually quite a big part of the photo world) or too much time in the back country. I live just outside of Flint with my wife, our dog and two weird cats. I’m excellent at creating woodworking projects that aren’t flush or square. The Wizarding World is REAL and I can ride rollercoasters all. damn. day.

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