Tim Galloway | Photographer


GORUCK HCLS Class 003 - Phoenix, AZ

We have no choice to whom we are born. The blood that courses through our veins is dictated to us. We are thrown into life with no prior consent or consultation. Thankfully, at times in our lives, we have the opportunity, the choice, the ability to choose our families.

From 1700 hours on Thursday, November 6 to approximately 2000 hours on Saturday, November 8 and continuing from 1000-1200 on Sunday, November 9, my family demonstrated to me the meaning of courage, empathy and respect. 

They say that pride is a deadly sin. Thankfully, I'm not a believer. My heart is full of love and pride. Seeing my family persevere and succeed was nothing short of inspiring.

Lightning bolts for days.

Edit: More images from the event here.