Tim Galloway | Photographer


Krav Maga Detroit - Honoring Our Heroes

Each year on the anniversary of the September 11, 2001 attack on our country, Pawel and the instructors at Krav Maga Detroit organize an event in tribute to those that were lost, to those that responded, to those that continue to respond and to those that serve every day. For our country, for our communities, for our families.

Each year, people come to share a few hours of their time, donate their hard-earned dollars to Operation Homefront and remember what happened. 

This year I decided to take the time to make photographs instead of participating. It was difficult watching and making images and not being able to join in on the fun. But. It's something important. It's something that needs to be told. We still remember. We still honor those that sacrificed. We still believe in our country. All these things made evident by small moments. Glossy eyes. Quiet conversations taking place during movements:

"How long did you serve?"
"Eight years."
"Thank you for your service." 

Small tokens of gratitude echoed by a handful of people and a multitude of actions.

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