Tim Galloway | Photographer


Training Camp - Floyd Mayweather Jr.

Early on, I was dissuaded from pursuing a career in photojournalism. It was always a struggle. It wasn't foreseeable to make money doing something that I loved. There are many competitors in the world of photography. The training and equipment is available to everyone. It's those that put in the hard work, time and really want to push themselves to be better. To be the best.

I'm fairly certain all of the above can be related to the world of boxing. Beginning as a passion and through training and perseverance, becoming the best. 

I'd never thought I'd be within arms' reach of one of the greatest boxers to ever have lived, let alone two in as many days. The places photography has taken me, I'd not have been able to get without it. I couldn't be more humbled and honored that someone believed enough in my ability to send me across the country to do what I do. 

Can't wait for tomorrow.