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You are invited to come celebrate our engagement before we tie the knot down in Kentucky!

WHEN: August 25, 2018, 2pm 'til whenever

WHERE: Our Home/Flushing Park/TBD (address will be provided in return RSVP email)

We want y'all to come share the day with us and celebrate the beginning of our lives as husband and wife.
Attire will be casual, attitude will be joyful and laughter will be plentiful.
We will be providing snacks and beverages and if you'd like to bring your own, that's okay too. We won't turn down more delicious food.

If you are so inclined to bring us a gift, we are registered at Williams Sonoma and Bed, Bath, & Beyond.
There is no need to wrap the gifts. Use the money for wrappings to get yourselves something nice. Maybe an iced coffee if it's hot out.
There's also no need to bring a gift. We'd be happy sharing a drink with you. No pressure.


If you are able to and would like to join us, please fill out the form and we will notify you of all the details!

Please respond by July 25th!

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How many of y'all are coming?