Good Livin' - Manistee River Trail

This weekend I hit the trail with a couple good friends of mine to escape the grind.  To hop off-grid for a bit.  Let my brain kinda' run away and detach from everything.  Just a few miles, just a couple nights.  No big hike.  Got hammered by rain and thunder storms but was given a beautiful few hours to change sites/sights, get camp set up, have a nice, big, hot lunch and build a solid fire that would last through the sheets of rain.

We stood in the rain for hours with headlamps and flashlights, soaked through with shriveled fingers.  We roamed the seemingly barren woods in search of dead or downed fuel for our fire, the rain streaking in front of our lights.  We ate pad thai with dirt out of resealable bags.  Did it suck?  Yes.  Being soaked in the wilderness generally sucks unless intentional.  Did forgetting my sleeping pad suck?  Yes.  (Note : Utilization of my laundry was necessary to prevent the ground from sucking away my body heat.)  Was it an absolutely amazing weekend?  Most definitely.  Conversation, jokes and camaraderie brought on the smiles through the now unimportant weather.  Plus... There isn't much a freeze-dried ice cream sandwich can't fix.

Ian, Dave... Thank you for the weekend.  The effortless teamwork on the trail speaks volumes.  I'm not speaking of just the backcountry.