Good Livin' - KMD & GRC

According to GORUCK Good Livin' is this : "...when life is actually tough but you love it, your attitude is great, and you smile."

This last week has had a bit of Good Livin'.  Krav Maga Detroit held their annual 9/11 Memorial Fundraiser, benefitting Operation HomeFront on Wednesday evening.  Slightly inspired by the GRC, what service men and women have to do during training and interspersed with Krav Maga techniques, the fundraiser was an absolute blast.  Three hours of Good Livin'.  Driving rain and hail, low-crawls through sand, obstacles, defenses, drills... If only I'd been able to photograph all of it.  I was too busy having fun.

Saturday night I met up with Pawel from KMD and we shadowed GRC 771 through the darkness and into the light.  Watching this group of people - nay, team - persevere through obstacles, self-doubt and the constant weight and watchful eye of the cadre was inspiring.  It excited me and motivated me to keep moving with them.  To squish through a few miles with wet boots.  It made me glad that I'm registered for April.  I'm excited to share that experience with friends and those who will soon become friends.


In the spirit of moving forward, this is the beginning of my new website and new blog.  A fitting post.  Tomorrow... Perhaps there will be a little of the cadre.