1000 Days - Day 9

It was only a matter of time before traction took up.  Somewhat similar to recent driving conditions.  Tires spinning aimlessly.  Throwing debris in every which direction.  Not gaining ground.  

The tires are starting to grip and the vehicle is about to launch forward with more force than expected.

Yet another donation was made to the New Life Rescue Mission in Detroit today.  Many more are to come, fueled by a fund-raiser event coming in February to be held at Detroit Tough.

I have started a tumblr account in which I will be posting photos, hopefully each day, from the 1000 Day goal.  

You can visit it at : http://onekdays.tumblr.com

1000 Days - Day 4

"I don't give a shit if you're black, white, Indian... If you've got money or not.  You're judged by your character."

I'm probably paraphrasing.  It's something along those lines.  As well as, "I'm only tellin' you that because I love you and I don't even know you."

Roger Dyjak has a goal.  Eliminate homeless veterans in Detroit in 1000 days via direct action.  The approach : to create stability first.  To Roger it comes down to one thing... They're human beings.  It doesn't matter if they're users, alcoholics, criminals.  They're human beings.  He believes there is a solution and he, along with an ever-growing family, is taking action.

Today a group of folks met up at Detroit Tough, the up-and-coming gym in Corktown where Roger is the head coach, to distribute donated clothing to those in need.  Cars were filled and a room emptied.  Multiple stops were made dropping off the wares and upon return to Tough, cars filled with clothing idled in the parking lot waiting to be unloaded.  More donations for another trip out into the community.

It's only day 4.  996 to go.