The Walking Dead (Times Two)

It's been a while since I've posted, so I figured I'd catch up.  Included in this post : A zombie defense seminar (yes, seriously.  Walking dead, one.), a couple images from the Detroit Free Press/Talmer Bank Marathon and images from the State of Michigan Boys' and Girls' Cross-Country Championship (Walking dead, two.). 

Now... Before you think and after you look at the following images, please consider something. It was absolutely inspiring to see these kids put everything they had into these races.  They poured their hearts and bodies into every foot, every inch, of ground they covered for their season-ending race.  I don't view these photos as heartbreak, though it may be, I view it as an achievement.  To know that nothing was left over, to know that every bit of what these kids are was put on the line, was remarkable.  Also, to see the fantastic sportsmanship that was displayed by so many of the runners was, plainly, incredible.  To see teammates inspiring others, to see runners helping their opponents gather their feet again after completing the course... fantastic.  I previously spoke with a high school photography class and I was asked how I deal with situations like this, I really had to think about many things.  You feel like a vulture of sorts.  You feel you're exploiting the emotions of the people you are photographing.  You're in their personal space with a big, black machine at your face, clicking away.  You get over it.  In this case, for me, this wasn't a documentation of defeat but of triumph.  I know, it's just high school sports, this isn't third-world suffering, however, it's still people at a vulnerable moment.  Anyhow...

It's also fun to run into a couple of crazy photographers while on assignment.  Nice to finally meet Grant and Sam.   I don't think "The Gauntlet" would have been nearly as fun.

I also was sent on a "boring" assignment.  I tend to absolutely love those assignments.  Nick DiNunzio was trying to bring Halloween back to his neighborhood in Detroit.  He was helping folks replace porch lights and get them treats to hand out to the kids.  It was a success.  I also found a little success from this story...

Thanks to my friend Jarrad, a great shooter for the Freep, I was given the heads up of my very first 1A lead image for the Detroit Free Press.

And to add to the greatness of all that is the freelancer life, a new assignment car that gets nearly 50mpg.  Keep your eyes on Instagram for #onassignment photos of the new Jetta.