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Individual Headshots

What to expect during your headshot session:

  • Welcome: Coffee! Or water, if you prefer. We will spend a little time chatting before we get down to business.

  • Wardrobe Review: Bring 5-10 tops that we can look at together to decide what will be in your shots. Bring what makes you feel confident!

  • Hair and Makeup (Optional): For the ladies - Come camera-ready, bring your makeup, or take advantage of an in-house makeup artist (for a fee). It’s up to you! For the lads - Makeup isn’t encouraged, but in the event of skin concerns, services are available.

  • Time to Shoot: Once you’re caffeinated, comfortable, and ready to step under the lights, we will start snapping and trapping. You will be guided and coached throughout the process to create the best possible headshots. You are part of the creative process. We will periodically view the photos together to see what you’re feeling, what you’re not, what’s working, what’s not. We improve every time.

  • Speak Up: If there’s something you’re not digging, speak up. If there’s something you’re super stoked on, speak up. This is a collaborative process. We work together.

  • Selection: After your session, we will sit down together and review the photos and make selects. These selects will be compiled into a gallery and from there we can make your final selections on the spot, or an online gallery can be created for you to review and share with family and friends.

  • Retouching: Your selected images will be digitally retouched, sized and prepared for digital delivery.

  • Delivery: You will receive a link to download your images via email. Or, if you prefer, you can swing by the studio to grab a thumb drive.

What’s included:

  • A private, guided, in-studio headshot session.

  • Unlimited “looks.”

  • Realtime image review and selection throughout the session.

  • Out-of-camera, unedited, low-resolution proof images.

  • The final cost is the session fee + $50 per selected image (which includes image retouching and multiple digital copies of the image for both print and web use).

Group Headshots

For groups and businesses, between 10 and 20 minutes will be spent with each individual. Essentially, it’s the speed-dating of headshots.

Group/corporate headshots include one retouched image and proof gallery for each individual. Additional retouched images are available for a fee.



4 - 10 People

$350 + $175/person


11 - 20 People

$450 + $150/person


21 - 30 People

$550 + $125/person


31+ People

$700 + $100/person


In-studio group and corporate rates are on a per-person basis and do not include a travel + setup fee.