Be Ready For Your Photoshoot!

A simple (and easy!) guide to help you prepare for your upcoming photoshoot.

For some people, standing in front of a camera under bright lights and being told to smile isn't their idea of fun. It can seem tedious, intimidating and downright awkward.

Here are a few tips and tricks to help ease the tension and help you have fun during your session. After all... it should be fun.

  • Know which side of your face you prefer to be photographed.
    Many of us do, indeed, have a "better side." Don't be afraid to mention it before and during your shoot.

  • Wear clothing that you feel confident wearing.
    We don't always feel comfortable in our own skin, and that's okay! Wear clothes that make you feel good and represent your personality. Don't hesitate to bring a change (or two) and ask for suggestions.

  • Don't have your photo taken, have a conversation instead.
    Focusing on the fact that you're having your photo taken can often lead to apprehension and pressure. Do the best you can to forget the camera that's aimed at your head. Have a fun time conversing. It'll help pass the time and provide you with more natural/candid photos.

  • Feels good, looks weird. Feels weird, looks good.
    Trust your photographer. It's why you've hired them. Often, positioning your body for photographs may feel awkward, but it serves a purpose. E.G. to enhance your jawline, slim you down, define your v-shape. Just go with it.

  • If you're not feeling it, say so.
    If a specific shot isn't working for you, speak up. Of course, give the photographer the opportunity to show you what they're going for, but if you're not feeling it, it's okay to voice it. Photography is a collaboration between photographer and talent.

  • Maintain realistic expectations.
    Be sure that you know what to expect. Make sure you're happy with the aesthetic the photographer provides. If you're looking for a photographer with more natural photographs, it probably isn't the best idea to hire someone with a portfolio with heavily retouched images.

  • I don't know what to do with my hands!
    That's okay. Most people don't. Try this: pretend that you're putting on hand lotion, adjust your watch, play with your ring or fix the button on your sleeve. These are normal movements that prevent you from cupping your hands over your bits and look good in photos.


Hopefully these tips will help relieve any potential apprehension about your upcoming shoot. This short list of simple things can help make the difference between a successful and dreadful experience. Stay positive, relax as best you can, and most importantly... HAVE FUN!